Insurance Brokers - Why Choose Griffiths & Armour?

With links to both the British Insurance Broker's Association (BIBA) and the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), we are at the forefront of developments within the broking profession. The breadth and depth of our experience within this community enables us to identify key trends and offer a bespoke insurance solution that is responsive to an ever changing environment.

We understand that Insurance Brokers are ever pressed, both on time and resource and are committed to delivering a service which provides support whilst minimising the financial impact in the event of a claim.

Our growing portfolio of Insurance Broker clients tell us that we:

  1. Possess... a high standard of qualified and experienced brokers which enables us to provide a personalised service across teams strategically located across the UK and Ireland.
  2. Offer... peace of mind by providing clear policy wording and certainty of protection; covering everything from full civil liability, to innocent non-disclosure protection.
  3. Add value... by ensuring that they have direct and instant benefit to the depth of specialist PI insurance knowledge that exists in our unique connections with BIBA and the CII.
  4. Continually innovate... and secure competitively priced long-term sustainable solutions through a combination of understanding our clients' work and strong insurer relationships.
  5. Reinforce... risk management strategies that matter to Insurance Brokers, through a comprehensive risk management toolbox which includes advice, education and specialist publications.
  6. Support... their business needs by providing access to our free legal helpline, operated by a panel of specialist solicitors.
  7. Deliver... assistance and comfort in the event of a claim, through our responsive and supportive claims management team.
  8. Work Proactively... with clients to reduce costs when claims occur, including advice and access to first class solicitors for claims within the excess.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

If you require more information about our risk management service, or to discuss a Professional Indemnity insurance quote, please contact our specialist PI insurance team on:

Telephone: +44 (0)151 236 5656


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