Is your Business ready for winter? Griffiths & Armour News

Is your Business ready for winter?

Winter weather recently experienced across some areas of the United Kingdom and Ireland has given us a taste of what may be in store for many of us through the winter months ahead. Is your business ready for winter? Take our 5 minute test to find out!

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Is your Business ready for winter?

We all know the devastating impact snow, ice and low temperatures can have on businesses. Losses involve not only direct repair and replacement costs, but also loss of revenue due to business interruption and the possibility of employers’ and public liability claims following injury.

A proactive risk management approach is a cornerstone of Griffiths & Armour’s proposition to our clients. Simply put, good quality risk management practices lead to fewer incidents and claims, reduces the chances of business interruption and ultimately can help minimise premium spend and retained costs.

With that in mind, how prepared are you and your business for the possibility of business interruption from a harsh winter over the coming months?

Click on the Get Started button above and complete a short online Winter Weather assessment.

It will take you no longer than 5 minutes to complete and at the end of the assessment you will be presented with a summary report on your levels of protection against all forms of winter weather and will be advised of your personalised risk ratings and our recommendations.

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